Integrative Health Coaching

The lotus flower is anchored deep into the muddy waters. In a matter of days, miraculously, a beautiful blossom emerges from the depths. In the Conscious Healing Method, we begin with the roots, energetically and physically, building foundational health and nourishment practices. It is only from this deeply rooted and nourished place that your nervous system allows you to safely expand, curiously unfolding each petal of the lotus that is your unique healing journey. As a health coach, trained through the Integrative Women's Health Institute, Dr. Wren, will hold space for you to discover where in your life you need nourishment so that you can build resilience, heal your pains, and radiate light and love. Individual and group sessions available.

"Working with Wren has changed my life. I have been able to enhance self awareness, access the courage needed to be my authentic self and remove barriers to living in greater alignment with my heart's desire and soul's purpose. As a result, I have achieved greater success in all areas of my life - my career / business, my mothering, my marriage and my relationship with myself. Thank you so much Wren!"

Kamala Skipper
Health and Wellness Coach