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Surrender ~Trust ~ Flow

Where intention goes, energy flows. Learn to bring your attention and intention to your miraculous body and baby as you prepare for birth and beyond.

About Qigong

An ancient Chinese method of energy work that uses mindful movement, breathing, and meditation practices.

  • Learn to feel energy moving through and around your body

  • Transform fear, stress, and worry about birthing and mothering

  • Harness life force energy and nourish yourself when you feel depleted

  • Radiate love and light energy to your baby

Qigong is accessible to any fitness level and can be performed standing, sitting or even lying down

Support for your pregnancy and birth experience

  • Cultivate a felt-experience of energy flow to help you become embodied and empowered

  • Experience the abundance of life force energy to bring greater internal peace, trust, and tranquility

  • Improve posture, breath control, and joint mobility to ease discomforts and facilitates flow

Darcie shares her experience learning Qigong with Wren during pregnancy
Classes meet Mondays from 9:30-10:30 AM
@ Aikido Peace Education Center
1101 N State Street, Bellingham
Cost: $120 for series (drop-ins welcome)

Full and Partial Scholarships are available. Please email for more information.

The class is designed for all pregnant people.
Professionals who support pregnant people are also welcome to attend.

"I can't tell you how invaluable our time doing Qigong together and your help was with the birth of our baby girl and beyond!! So thankful for your help, guidance, encouraging words of reassurance and affirmation along the way! ...I am such a huge believer in everything I learned from you! I feel very grateful."
- Sarah

Dr. Wren McLaughlin (she/her) is an integrative women’s health coach who has been studying medical Qigong for the past 11 years. She practiced Qigong consistently through her own pregnancy and found that these powerful self-care tools were invaluable for her birth experience and also helped her regain her vital life-force energy postpartum. She is passionate about sharing her experience, and expertise to help others find greater joy, internal harmony, and healing during pregnancy and beyond.

Wren draws from a variety of traditions of medical Qigong, as well as her experience as a women’s health physical therapist to create a safe, joyful, nourishing, and energizing environment for pregnant people seeking health, healing and an energetically-aware community.

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