Integrative Health Coaching

Let's deep dive into the source of your creative potential. Healing journeys can be accompanied by overwhelm, hopeless statements from healthcare providers, and a loss of confidence in your body and the universe. Dr. Wren creates a safe container for you to explore and embody your own inner wisdom and healing. Coaching is an opportunity to receive the support you need to feel calm, confident, and connected on your healing journey. Dr. Wren offers individual and group programs.

Medical Qigong

Learn Qigong exercises, breathing, and meditation practices to guide you through life's challenges and stressors. These powerful self-care methods help to facilitate your healing journey. You will have the opportunity to heal unresolved patterns of trauma, disconnection, and unprocessed emotions to allow you to fully surrender to the full experience of being human.

Physical Therapy

Dr. Wren has a unique approach to healing that emphasizes whole system integration and perceptual influences on movement and postural patterns. She also explores how your emotional and spiritual health impacts your body. She utilizes hands-on techniques, movement re-education, and energy work to facilitate healing.

Client Love

"I can't tell you how invaluable our time together and your help was with the birth of this baby girl and beyond!! So thankful for your help, guidance, encouraging words of reassurance and affirmation along the way! ...I am such a huge believer in everything I learned from you! I feel very grateful."

- Sarah